Leadership in the digital world ?
            Yes you can !
Your coach Siddhartha can help you script your success
About Me
I am a coach, mentor and a consultant and I love to work with business leaders of today,  and those of tomorrow.My aim is to help them transition and  meet success requirements in a connected world. I have  HR Consulting and business leadership experience of over 30 years with  well respected global brands 
Your success is my motivation.
  1. I am here to help you explore your readiness as a leader
  2. I am here to help you align your goal and your purpose
  3. I can help you overcome conflict in priorities
  4. I am here to help you learn and equip you for success
  5. I am here to ring a bell when you slow down
  6. I am here to help you track your progess
Why  you need to transition as a 21st Century Leader?
Your success in an open, demanding and sharing environment depends on how you build relationships, reach out to collaborate and learn to work in wirearchy. The shift is from "me" to " we". This is the essence of change from last century to this century.
C2C Leadership your door to 21st Leadership
C2CLeadership is about the shift from command and control based leadership to connection and confluence based leadership. Where do things stand today ?
As per TimesJob survey published in Times of India
  • 53% Surveyed organisations said they look for new skill sets from external hires for managers
  • 7% said they are looking for international exposure from external hires.
C2C Leadership can help you to improve leadership approach in three areas :-
Connection to Confluence
Learn how to tap captive knowledge and  apply sensors for external trends and use physical and digital interaction to develop insights - your organisation will  notice  you.
Caution to Courage .
Learn how to overcome fear of failure or loss of face. The key is to try and push your limit in fail safe mode. It is all about acquiring knowledge, applying , and repeating it - with guidance of a coach. Small step will become giant leap.
Circle to Circle
VUCA world means dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Learn how to do the job of your boss and expect your team member to do yours. 
I have over 30 years of corporate experience in India, with global brands like Xerox, Dale Carnegie, Korn Ferry, SkillSoft and also with Indian brands that evolved and became global during my career such as HCL and Arvind  .I have been part of the transition when Indian economy evolved from industrial to knowledge economy.My professional success as a business leader was due to my ability to seek out and deal with challenges instead of comfort.  In the last 10 years I shifted my  focus on people development and change, working on skills, competencies and leadership talent development and  I realize that the future is about becoming an expert in people issues.
I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Management after my BA and kept my professional learning continuos throughout my career and this helped me to avoid knowledge and skill trap.. I have kept myself updated and The most recent accomplishment  - was a certificate from London Business School - "Managing for the Future" in March 2015.
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